RE>>> (Recycle art project)

recycle/junk music live show

Everything is born from nothing and all things will return to nothing.



RE>>> is recycle music and decorate art project made by keyaki narusawa from Japan.

Concept is recycle, reuse, recreate value from unworthy things and return to unworthy things.

Correct trash from the local area and build it up as a music instrument and play them as an improvisation abstract music live show. 


we visit city/town/village/community…

correct large garbage from trash area…

bring them for the place and construct original instrumental…

decorate them with collaborated artist (painter/sculpture etc)…

Music live show with collaborated artist (musician/dancer etc)…

bring them back for trash area after the concert… 


and then go to the next city…

Full package show detail

Day1:  we arrive your city
Day2:  we will correct scrap material from large trash area of your city 

Day3:  we will make instrumental from scrap material before the concert as a live art performance 

Day4:  we will make monument from scrap material before the concert as a live art performance 

          *we shooting film during those preparation as a documentary 

Day5:  we gonna have rehearsal with local artist(musician, dancer, performer, painter, etc)

Day6:  we gonna do 1hour concert with edited video.


Day7:  we will break them down and bring them back to the same place and finish


 22 September 2018

Concert and exhibition

Star waste 2

Changeons notre regard sur nos déchets

Recycle art exhibition in St-gilles, Brussels


17 November 2018


Zero Afval Salon Zéro Déchet

- Activités 100% gratuites pour petits et grands, débutants ou confirmés,

- Des conférences,

- Des ateliers DIY

- Concert

Recycle salon 


Bruxelles Zéro Déchet - Brussel Zero Afval、Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel