RE>>> (Recycle art project)

recycle/junk music live show

Everything is born from nothing and all things will return to nothing.



visit city/town/village/community…

correct large garbage from trash area…

bring them for the place and construct original instrumental…

decorate them with collaborated artist (painter/sculpture etc)…

Music live show with collaborated artist (musician/dancer etc)…

bring them back for trash area after the concert… 

shooting film every moment…

and then go to the next city…

Full package show detail

Day1:  we arrive your city
Day2:  we will correct scrap material from large trash area of your city 

Day3:  we will make instrumental from scrap material before the concert as a live art performance 

Day4:  we will make monument from scrap material before the concert as a live art performance 

          *we shooting film during those preparation as a documentary 

Day5:  we gonna have rehearsal with local artist(musician, dancer, performer, painter, etc)

Day6:  we gonna do 1hour concert with edited video.


Day7:  we will break them down and bring them back to the same place and finish


 22 September 2018

Concert and exhibition

Star waste 2

Changeons notre regard sur nos déchets

Recycle art exhibition in St-gilles, Brussels


17 November 2018


Zero Afval Salon Zéro Déchet

- Activités 100% gratuites pour petits et grands, débutants ou confirmés,

- Des conférences,

- Des ateliers DIY

- Concert

Recycle salon 


Bruxelles Zéro Déchet - Brussel Zero Afval、Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel